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Spring really .?!?! We love it that the season is changing, it is most definatley time for some sun. The weather can swing back and forth between sunny days (supposedly 😂) followed by a week of rainy and crazy outbursts of snow from the beast from the east. But the weather does get warmer and the days longer as the clocks change this weekend, we will get there !! March has become a busier month over recent years for us, as many more bride and grooms get married in March. We love the spring colours and the buzz of wedding season as things start to really set up and get busy busy busy. This time of year is a more of a step towards setting up for the big day than wedding fairs, whilst meeting couples and talking about venue styling is fabulous (and do keep an eye as there are still wedding shows we attend !) the actual wedding set up brings with it a certain magic as the buzz around ' the big day' escalates ! We love bringing everything together and bringing dreams into reality. Wedding season is in full swing and we wouldn’t change a thing.......

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