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Dodford Taster....

Dodford manor is an amazingly beautiful wedding venue in Northamptonshire that we have worked in for many years now, we are their preferred venue dressers and we LOVE everything about the place! Check out their website here:

Sunday just gone was one of their taster days, these are the days we go in and dress the venue as if there was a wedding taking place, we dress the chairs, add gorgeous table centers to each of the tables and even brings long favours for everyone..... it always looks gorgeous! This time we chose a beautiful pallate of pastels for the flowers and showcased our new dusky rose organza and dusky pink satin bows for the chairs. For us it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to Dodford couples in the setting in which we would be dressing, we always have fun with the DM team whenever we are there......thanks for having us, see you very soon!

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