It was a Tuesday last year, I’d called Lisa on my way to get my eye lashes infilled, she had missed my call as she was in the gym after the school drop, but had called me back once she had finished her workout. As I’d been busy and then driving, I called her back as I pulled into the supermarket carpark to grab some bits and bobs the kids fancied for their tea. We used to play telephone tag a lot, we used to be so busy juggling two kids each, each with their own busy schedules, running our homes, as well as our business, shopping trips and mornings spent in the gym but we were always in ‘radio contact’...... so, as I sat in the parked car asking Lisa what she had heard about the news and telling her I was worried, asking her should we be worried? I’m the worrier you see, I like to plan for the worst and hope for the best, Lisa is far more of a positive thinker (it’s a good mix, be fair to us!).....I remember Lisa saying it should blow over in a few weeks, saying it surely can’t be that bad, let’s just not panic and see how it all unfolds.

Eyelash extensions, play dates and school drops offs seem from a previous world right now don’t they?

It was before the 2020 wedding season kicked off, we were starting to get hyped and prepped for the season ahead of us. The upcoming April was a busy month for us, we had some lovely weddings booked, some really creative work to get our teeth into. Out summer was an absolute stonker...... August in particular was going to be the best month of the businesses lifetime, we had so much floral work booked and we were excited...... really bloody excited!

I remember we spoke so many times over the next few days and weeks about the news, about the virus about the worry for our business.......our lovely, lovely business, we had been growing it for 9 years previous.

Our business Beaulicious had started from an idea on a walk in the sunshine, two new NCT mummy friends pushing matching buggies, bonding over new-borns and breastfeeding but finding out so much about one another, we both love shopping, fashion and interiors, we both love to workout, we both love getting dressed up and having time with our girly friends, we are both home birds, loving a glass of wine on the couch on a Sunday afternoon after a roast with the family as much as an over priced espresso martini in a crowded pretentious bar on a Saturday night.

SO that’s how it started....... nearly a whole year ago now, a whole year, it doesn’t seem possible but it is..... it’s been a year of every single emotion, it’s been the most hectic and chaotic year whilst being the slowest, most still year, but we are still here, Beaulicious Is still here, poised and so ready for action, ready for the safe reopening of our beautiful, magical industry. We are proud to have continued to support our wonderful couples, to amend wedding dates and ideas, some not once, some four or five times and counting. Supporting them through heart-breaking decisions filled with worry, some of our couples have tied the knot with small ceremonies, some delaying the ‘party bit’ till a later date. There hasn’t been a cookie cutter ‘one answer fits all’ to this horrible, scary, claustrophobic, devastating situation, so everyone’s been having to find their own path through and it’s our pleasure to help in whatever way we can.

We can’t wait to see our wonderful couples have the day of their dreams, we can’t wait to step foot into our favourite venues, it may be a edited dream with colour coordinated face coverings, copious amounts of hand sanitizer and spaced seating to begin with but we hope, and we pray it’s soon safe to hug guests on arrival, wipe away each other’s happy tears, share platters of canapés, sing loudly in churches and dance the night away with sweaty, wonderful friends on the dancefloor making memories to last for a lifetime. We are hopeful, we are optimistic and we can not wait

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